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need my weave bac k asap
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Anonymous asked: Could you please write a step by step guide on how you do your makeup, including the specific products, not just 'mac foundation' x

1.  moisturise skin first. 
2. i apply my foundation (mac matchmaster spf 15) to the necessary areas with a stipple brush (real techniques), dont forget to blend downwards onto your neck.
3. then i do my eyebrows - brush my hairs up, use eyebrow pencil (sleek- brown 191) to darken my eyebrow hairs. then i use my concealer (mac- studio finish spf 35) to highlight underneath and ontop with an angled eyebrow brush. brush your eyebrows upwards again to make them look less dramatic.
4.  i dab my concealer (mac - select cover up NW40) under neath my eyes with a pointed foundation brush (real techniques). 
I use the eyebrow concealer to blend above my eyebrows and blend outwards from the top of the forehead and down into my nose 
Use my stipple brush to BLEND.
5. i use Eyeliner (sleek) to create a winged cat eye most of the time. 
6. Apply my lashes (Ardell professional - natural wispies) which i usually double up on first, cut to the size of my eyelid. 
7. Now to contour, i use the sleek contour kit (dark 886) contour brush (real techniques) to define my cheekbones. Using the darker shade underneath my cheekbone and the golden shade on top of it. 
Adding which ever colour depending on the look i’m going for as a filler on my cheeks. I like the sleek bushy by 3 pumpkin palet right now.
8. I use a setting powder ( ben nye - banana luxury powder) underneath my eyes to avoid the cracking of foundation- it’s better to dab with a setting brush to avoid streaks.
9. i would also use powder ( ben nye - topaz, translucent powder) to set the whole face which gives a nice overall glow. 
(Not too much to avoid ashy skin!) 
10. As far as my lips are concerned i don’t usually wear much i’m either wearing vaseline or ruby woo where i use a black lip liner to blend inwards.


instagram - jolinxo
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